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“Belt and Road” | Dubai Hassyan Power Station Project Successfully Concludes Construction

Date:2023-09-18 251Font scaling:

On October 12th, at 21:05 local time, the performance tests for the No. 4 unit of the Dubai Hassyan Power Station project, constructed by Harbin Electric Corporation's International Company, were completed successfully. All assessment tests under the contract have been successfully conducted, and the unit now meets the requirements for commercial operation. With this achievement, the construction of the Dubai Hassyan Power Station project has been smoothly concluded, ensuring the robust supply of electricity in the Dubai region.


The first three units of the Dubai Hassyan Power Station project commenced commercial operation on November 19, 2020, September 5, 2021, and March 2, 2023, respectively. The successful completion of this milestone signifies that the Dubai Hassyan Power Station project as a whole has transitioned into the commercial operation phase. Additionally, the project's groundbreaking world-first dual-fuel full-load ultra-supercritical generating unit has received further technological validation.