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Harbin Electric Corporation (hereinafter referred to as HE) is evolved from six projects of China’s 156 key construction projects aided by former USSR during the period of China’s first Five-Year Plan. Established by reorganizing Harbin’s Three Power Factories (Harbin Boiler Co., Ltd, Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd, Harbin Turbine Co, Ltd), it is China’s earliest R&D and manufacturing base of power generation equipment. Now HE has become one of the 52 state-owned backbone enterprises that concern national security and the lifelines of the national economy.

As the ‘eldest son’ of China’s equipment manufacturing industry, HE has established numerous monuments throughout the national development history of power generation equipment. In the past 60 years, HE has been dedicating itself to the prosperity and development of China’s equipment manufacturing industry. With great efforts, it has developed a series of leading products that ranges from nuclear power, hydropower, coal power, gas power, ships power plants and electric-driven devices to turnkey power plant projects, in which the core technical competences have reached the world’s advanced level.

  • 1934
    HE has obtained 1,934 patents in force.
  • 72
    Its total assets is 72 billion yuan.
  • 500
    Over 500 nationwide and worldwide power plants are equipped
  • 40
    The exportations have expanded to over 40 countries

HE now boasts a national enterprise technical center, 3 national engineering research centers (National Engineering Research Center of Hydropower Equipment, National Engineering Research Center of Power Generation Equipment, and National Engineering Research Center of Explosion-Proof Electric Machines), 2 national key laboratories (National Key Laboratory of Hydro-Electric Power, National Key Laboratory of High-Efficiency and Clean Coal-Fired Power Plant Boiler), 4 postdoctoral workstations and 2 academician workstations. By the end of 2016, HE has obtained 1,934 patents in force, including 386 patents for invention.

By the end of 2016, HE’s registered capital was RMB 1.99 billion and its total assets was RMB 72 billion. It has over 25.5 thousand employees, of which over 10,000 were professional technicians (including 1 academician, 4 talents listed in Thousand Talent Program and 122 talents enjoying preferential treatments of governmental allowances). HE has manufactured power generation equipment with the installed capacity up to 390 million KW, provided equipment for over 500 power plants nationwide and worldwide,, and exported its products to over 40 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, European and South America.

  • Responsibility

    Dedicating to environmental protection and creating a big warm family
  • Culture

    To build a power carrier of equipment manufacturing industry in the world.