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Vision of HE
To build a power carrier of equipment manufacturing industry in the world.
HE people aim high and never rest on the achievements made. They make up their minds to keep making great achievements, aim to be a world leading equipment manufacturing enterprise and build HE into a power carrier influential and competitive internationally.
Mission of HE
Bearing hopes of the national industry, highlighting glamour of China power.
Bearing hopes of the national industry: HE people are brave in shouldering burdens and dedicated, not only to completing various major national tasks, but also to inspiring themselves, keeping advancing and creating miracles one after another, so as to make its contributions to the revitalization of national industry and achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
Purpose of HE
To provide power for the world and bring brightness to human being.
To provide power for the world: HE, farsighted, aims to “ build power carrier of equipment manufacturing industry in the world" and pursues leading technologies to provide the world with quality power products and services and create optimal economic and social benefits, to boost national economic development and make its contributions to world economic growth.
Objectives of HE
Best in China, leading in the world.
Best in China: HE, with the mission of “bearing hopes of the national industry, highlighting glamour of China power”, always makes efforts to be leading domestically and pilot in China’s equipment manufacturing sector. With these efforts, it has become a flagship in the sector.
Leading in the world: HE never rests on what it has made, but always keeps pioneering, to constantly lift its strength and comprehensive competitiveness, so as to spread the brand of HE around the world and become a leading enterprise in equipment manufacturing industry in the world.
Core philosophy of HE
People-oriented to develop, strength-based to win.
People-oriented to develop: HE practices people-oriented management and focuses on employees’ livelihood, enhancing cohesion and teamwork spirit. It is user-oriented to meet users’ needs, winning users’ trust and loyalty. It is the public-oriented and loves the society, winning praises and support of the public. Only concerted efforts can generate great power and create an evergreen cause.
Strength-based to win: The market follows the law of survival of the fittest, and only the winner wins. HE people, struggling, pioneering, help HE develop its strength, build its brand, win its way in the market and create bright future with the first-rate employees, technologies, quality and management.
Core values of HE
Concerted efforts, dedicated services.
Concerted efforts: Unity makes power. HE members work and act together and in a concerted manner, to jointly develop HE and boost the great cause of HE.
Dedicated services: Cohesion is the source of hope. HE members, with dedicated services and teamwork, make constant efforts for common development and brilliance.
Spirits of HE
Innovative endlessly, powerful forever.
Innovative endlessly: Innovation is the soul in and the power source for enterprise development. HE members, struggling, full of passion and dream, inspire them with innovation, integrate innovation into their character, and sharpen their vision through innovation, to keep advancing and creating miracles.
Powerful forever: Lofty sense of mission gives birth to inexhaustible power, and the power triggers a stream of vitality. HE members follow the mission of rendering service to the motherland and revitalizing HE, to give play to their potentials, pioneer with passion and make excellence.
Business Philosophy of HE
Market oriented, brand leading, honesty boosting.
Market oriented: Enhancing market idea, sticking to be market-oriented, and aiming at meeting users’ demands, to seize potential market opportunity and keep right business direction.
Brand leading: Strengthening brand awareness to win trust and support of customers with good brand image and keep advantageous in competition.
Honesty boosting: Following the way of honesty operation to serve users sincerely and win market share with credit, so as to keep sustained, healthy development of the enterprise.