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Coal power

HE is one of the largest power generation equipment manufacturers in China, with the annual coal-fired equipment production capacity up to 30 million kW, single-unit capacity covering 5MW - 1,100MW. The main products are the coal-fired power machine equipment and the supportive auxiliary equipment at the levels of 300,000kW, 600,000kW and 1million kW. Meanwhile, HE is also the largest clean coal-fired equipment manufacturing base. Its brown coal burning and 1-million (kW) secondary reheat boiler design and manufacturing technologies are at the leading level in the world. HE is also equipped with technologies of 50MW - 350MW full-series combined heat-power turbine and 100MW - 660MW air-cooling turbine, and has completed design of 1,000MW air-cooling turbines. Of the products, the turbo generator unit at the level of single-unit capacity of 300MW (60Hz) has been exported to Brazil, the Philippines, etc.