Harbin Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. under the Harbin Electric Corporation (hereinafter referred to as HE) boasts a history of nearly 60 years in R&D, design and manufacturing of AC/DC motors, and cooperates with the world famous electromechanical product manufacturers in manner of technology introduction and cooperative production. Its products are mainly distributed in the following fields: ships, metallurgy, thermal power, mine, hydraulic power, petrochemicals and scientific research. The products have been exported to many countries and regions such as the USA, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Peru and DPRK.

1. Synchronous motor

The synchronous motor consists of two major types of electric motor and generator.

The motors are mainly used in lifters, ball mills, fans, vertical water pumps and variable frequency motors. The main models are T, TBP, TM, TDL and TBPY series. In recent years the Company has produced dozens of hot continuous rolling lines of Size 1250, 1450, 1500, 1580, 1700, 1780, 2050, 2100, 2150, 2250 and 2300 for Baosteel, Ansteel, Bensteel, Wusteel, Pansteel, Anyang Steel, Tiantie Group, Rizhao Steel, Ganglu Iron & Steel, Jianlong Iron& Steel, LY Steel and other iron & steel plants in succession. It has produced medium-sized plat rolling lines of 2.8 meters, 3.5 meters, 4 meters and 4.2 meters for Shougang, Xinyu Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., Tiantie Group, Wuyang Steel, etc. It has produced about 1,000 large synchronous motors with frequency control functions, the highest output in China. The technology has reached the leading level in the world. The 20MW explosion-proof synchronous motors with frequency control functions and extra-high speeds made by the company and used in the West-East Gas Transmission Project won the special prize of the 2015 China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Awards and filled the domestic gap. The 80MW wind tunnel motor the company is researching and developing is the synchronous motor with the largest power in China at present.

The generators mainly consist of transformer test units and small-sized hydrogenerator. The Company boasts transformer voltage test units of 300KVA, 750KVA, 1000 KVA, 2000 KVA, 5000 KVA, 7500 KVA, 10000 KVA, 15000 KVA, 30000 KVA and 60000 KVA, etc., which are widely used by multiple transformer manufacturers both at home and abroad. Our small-sized hydro-generators have been exported to many countries and regions including Peru and Panama.

2. Asynchronous motor

The asynchronous motor can be divided into the squirrel-cage motor and winding asynchronous motor. The company mainly produces HV 10kV, 6kV, 3kV Class F-insulation Y-series and derivative YKK, YKS, YTM, YHP, YMPS, YLKS and YLKK-series asynchronous motors. The products run reliably in 200MW, 300MW and 600MW units, with characteristics of safety, stability, energy-saving and high efficiency. On the basis of which, the Company has independently developed YBP355-1120 asynchronous frequency-variable med/large-sized products, and manufactured drive motors for main mills of cold-rolled steel, wire and rods for Shougang Group, Ma Steel, Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel, Hebei Xinjin, Anyang Iron & Steel, etc.

3. DC motors

The Company has the longest history in research and development of large-sized DC motors in China. It successfully developed motors for 700mm and 1150mm roughing mills, 1700mm and 2800mm plate mills and 950mm large-sized rolling track motor in 1960-70s. On the basis of which, it has produced DC motors for single-unit 6000kW and 6600kW mills and for 2800kW directly-coupled mine hoist, filling the gap of China in production of large-sized DC motors. Its Z-series DC motor products are widely used in many projects of Baogang Group, Baosteel Special, Shandong Tangkou Coal, Shandong Zhaojin Group, etc.

The medium-sized DC motor products manufactured by the Company include six base models of Z355, Z450, Z560, Z710, Z900 and Z1000, covering nearly 1000 DC motors with different sizes, 12 current levels from 400A to 3200A, 16 voltage levels from 200V to 1000V and 15 kinds of iron core length from 250mm to 1460mm. The Z-series medium-sized DC motor products have been applied to multiple projects of Harbin Institute 703, Lianyungang Huale, Fujian Dingxin, Asia Aluminum, etc.

Jiamusi Electric Machine Co., Ltd. under HE, founded in 1937, is the largest special motor production base in China. It has successfully researched and developed China’s first explosion-proof motor, lifting/metallurgy-use motor, auxiliary blower and shielded motor in succession, and formed a series of HV, LV, synchronous and asynchronous AC motors dominated by the explosion-proof motor, the lifter/metallurgy-use motor, the nuclear power motor and the wind power generator. The Company boasts products of 269 series, 1909 varieties and 2.58 sizes, which are mainly used in sectors of oil, chemical industry, coal, metallurgy, water conservancy, electric power, nuclear energy, space and port, etc., and is equipped with annual production capacity of 10million kW, annual output value over 3 billion yuan, and max single-unit capacity of 42,000kW.