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HE boasts a national enterprise technical center, 3 national engineering research centers (National Engineering Research Center of Hydropower Equipment, National Engineering Research Center of Power Generation Equipment, and National Engineering Research Center of Explosion-Proof Electric Machines), 2 national key laboratories (National Key Laboratory of Hydro-Electric Power, National Key Laboratory of High-Efficiency and Clean Coal-Fired Power Plant Boiler), 4 postdoctoral workstations and 2 academician workstations. In March 2011, it was listed as one of the 3rd batch of innovative enterprises.

National-level Research Institutions Provincial-level R&D Institutions
HE National-level Enterprise Technical Center Heilongjiang Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center of Power Station Valves
National Engineering Research Center of Power Generation Equipment Heilongjiang Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center of Nuclear Main Pump
National Engineering Technology Research Center of Hydropower Equipment Academician Work Station of Steam Turbine
National Key Laboratory of Hydropower Equipment Academician Work Station of High-efficient Coal-fired Boiler
National Engineering Technology Research Center of Explosion-proof Electric Machines
National Key Laboratory of High-efficient and Clean Coal-fired Power Plant Boilers

HE keeps the R&D investment strength above 5%. By the end of 2016, HE had owned 1,934 patents in force, including 386 invention patents; it had cumulatively completed more than 3,300 of research topics, developed 1,189 new products, undertaken 26 state-level research projects, and won more than 290 rewards for its achievements in science and technology, with more than 170 higher than provincial and ministerial levels.

HE has independently researched and developed a series of products advanced internationally, including efficient 1000MW-level secondary reheat ultra-super-critical unit, 600MW and 1000MW super and ultra-super-critical thermal power units of multiple furnace types, multiple arrangement modes and different fuels; world highest-capacity 800MW fully air-cooling mixed-flow water turbine, 375MW pumped storage aggregate; AP1000 3D nuclear power steam generator, international first AP1000 steam turbine generator unit, China’s first set of 1million kW pressurized water reactor shaft-seal coolant pump through domesticization, sample of main helium fan electromagnetic bearing of high-temperature gas-cooled nuclear power station, and CAP1400 nuclear-power main pump motor. At the same time, it has also formed a new pattern of virtuous development of thermal power, hydro power, nuclear power and gas-fired power, and realized leap forward from “Made by HE” to “Created by HE”. Its clean, efficient power generation equipment design and manufacturing technology, systemic technology of burning Zhundong Coal, fully air-cooled huge hydroelectric generating set technology are leading domestically and advanced in the world. Additionally, HE has also mastered the technology of design and manufacturing of nuclear power conventional island equipment, and technology of manufacturing of nuclear island main equipment, gas drive and electric drive, erecting another milestone in China’s power generation equipment manufacturing industry.

By the end of 2016, Harbin Electric Corporation had 241,000 employees, including 8,671 professional technical personnel of various fields, 4 experts of the Thousand Talent Program, 3 experts of the 10,000 Talent Program, and 4 state-level candidates for the Millions of Talents Program, and 106 experts enjoying the Special Government Allowance of the State Council.