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Petrochemical container

Harbin Electric Corporation (hereinafter referred to as HE) has researched and developed more than 3,000 kinds of pressure container products of different uses and sizes for oil refining, chemical industry, machinery, metallurgy, nuclear power and military industries, including 105 gasification furnaces, 20 methanol/ethylene glycol synthesis converters and other key chemical devices such as waste heat boilers, ammonia synthesis converters, conversion furnaces and other high-temperature and high-pressure containers. Some of the products have been exported to Uzbekistan, Iran, etc. The representative products of HE include regenerators and reactors reputed as “Five Golden Flowers” of in oil sector in 1960s, China’s first cold-wall hydrogenated reactor and 240,000t-a-year urea synthesis converter filling the gap of China in 1970s, the ammonia distillation tower substituting imported products in 1980s, and Texaco gasification furnaces and Lurgi gasification furnaces first produced in China in 1990s. Entering the new century, the Company has manufactured core equipment for the projects: Shandong Hualu-Hengsheng, Shenmu, Qinghai Salt Lake, Shenhua Baotou, Shenhua Xinjiang, Datang Keqi, Datang Fuxin, Shaanxi Weihe Coal Chemical, Shaanxi Pucheng Clean Energy, etc.

Meanwhile, the Boiler Company under HE has prepared three industrial standards for coal water slurry gasification furnaces, methanol synthesis reactors and pressurized fixed-bed gasification furnaces organized by the National Energy Administration.

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