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Nuclear power

In 2004, Harbin electric group began to build the nuclear power equipment manufacturing capacity, and built the main equipment base, the nuclear main pump base, the main equipment base of the conventional island and the base of k-type motors.

At present, the main equipment, such as steam generator, stabilizer, nuclear main pump and other nuclear island main equipments, such as steam turbine generator set, auxiliary machine, etc., are available.

During the 13th five-year plan period, Harbin electric group will produce 4 million kilowatts of nuclear island, the design of the main equipment of the regular island, and the ability of manufacturing and integration.

The main products

Steam generator, voltage stabilizer, non - active spare, reactor core filling tank, ampere
The main pump, main feed pump and circulating pump motor
Steam turbine, condenser, low pressure heater The generator
Core ii, high pressure heater, deaerator
Nuclear 2-3 valve, regular island general valve
K1 / K3 motor, nuclear three-stage shielding pump, main helium fan

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