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Profile of Listed Companies

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    Main listed company under Harbin Electric Corporation is Harbin Electric Company Limited, a listed one, established through restructuring of former Harbin Electrical Machinery Factory, Harbin Boiler Factory and Harbin Turbine Factory (“Three Major Powers”) as well as other relevant enterprises, located in Harbin City, China, registered on Oct. 6, 1994 and listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Dec. 16, 1994 with the stock code of “01133”. It is the 15th state-owned enterprise in China and the first state-owned enterprise in North East China successfully listed in Hong Kong.

    By far Harbin Electric Company has reported total 1,376,806,000 shares, of which the Company holds state-owned legal-person shares of 701,235,000, and 675,571,000 H-shares are circulated in Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

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