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Hydroturbine products designed and manufactured by Harbin Electric Corporation (hereinafter referred to as HE) consist of mixed-flow, axial-flow, tubular, diagonal-flow, pumped storage (namely water pump-type) and Pelton turbines. The hydrogenerator products include suspended and umbrella generators.

HE’s hydroelectric generating sets have the single-unit capacity from 0.8MW to 1,000MW. In 1951, the first hydroelectric generator unit designed and manufactured in the People’s Republic of China was made by HE. Later, HE made different types of generator sets with different capacities for Yunfeng, Xinanjiang, Liujiaxia and Gezhouba hydropower stations, which have all become milestones in the Chinese hydropower equipment manufacturing history.

Since 1990s, HE, learning strong points from other manufacturers and further innovating, has successfully developed “large fully air-cooled hydroelectric generator units” leading in the world, with complete independent IPR and characterized by simple structural layout, easy installation and maintenance, reliable operation and low cost, with which HE manufactured then world largest 700MW unit for Three Gorges Power Station, 770MW unit for Xiluodu Power Station and 800MW unit for Xiangjiaba Power Station. All the units that have created new world records one after another have reached users (China Three Gorges Corporation)’s standard for high quality units. The runner model that HE developed for Three Gorges Right Bank Power Station presents the highest efficiency of 94.6﹪, leading internationally.

HE successfully won the contract through bidding for manufacturing a 1,000MW hydropower generator unit for Baihetan Power Station with the highest single-unit capacity in the world in 2015. At present, HE is orderly carrying out the R&D, design and manufacturing of the hydroelectric generator unit for the project.