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Co-Building the "Belt and Road": Huadian Indonesia's Borya Project's No. 2 Steam Turbine Unit Successfully Starts Up

Date:2023-08-07 251Font scaling:

On August 5th, at 15:41 Beijing time, the No. 2 steam turbine unit of Huadian (Indonesia) Borya Power Generation Company, developed by Harbin Electric Corporation, a part of the "Belt and Road" initiative, successfully underwent its initial startup, smoothly reaching a stable speed of 3000 RPM, with outstanding performance across all parameters.


The Huadian Indonesia Borya project features a 660MW ultra-supercritical reheat condensing steam turbine, developed by Harbin Electric Corporation's Steam Turbine Company, incorporating a single-shaft, four-cylinder, four-row steam arrangement, and 900mm steel last-stage blades.