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Belt and Road Incitive | Iraq's Al-Amarah Single-Cycle to Combined-Cycle Power Plant Expansion Project Receives Temporary Handover Certificate

Date:2023-07-21 530Font scaling:

On July 18th, at local time in Iraq, the Al-Amarah Single-Cycle to Combined-Cycle Power Plant Expansion Project, under the general contracting of Harbin Electric Group's international company, was awarded a temporary handover certificate. Both units had entered the warranty period on June 27th.


Since the project's inception, the Al-Amarah project team has overcome multiple difficulties and challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic, security concerns, tight schedules, unstable power grid, adverse weather conditions, and shortages of natural gas and materials. The team withstood immense pressure, tackled technical issues one after another, and successfully completed various crucial project milestones, leading to the issuance of the temporary handover certificate.

Moving forward, the Al-Amarah project team will continue to carry out the project's final tasks to ensure the power plant's efficient operation, striving towards obtaining the final handover certificate. Simultaneously, the project team will explore further potential in the Iraqi market and engage in the secondary development of the project, as a tribute to the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative and the 40th anniversary of Harbin International's establishment.

The Al-Amarah project is a significant milestone for the international company in promoting the Belt and Road Initiative and successfully entering the Iraqi market as the first EPC power plant contract. The commercial operation of the units has greatly alleviated Iraq's power shortage situation, providing reliable electricity to the people of Al-Amarah during scorching summers and laying a solid foundation for the country to meet high electricity demands during peak seasons.