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Belt and Road | Successful 500kV Backfeeding of Unit 1 in Pakistan's Jamshoro Project

Date:2023-10-12 1147Font scaling:

On October 9th, at 17:45 local time in Pakistan, Harbin Electric Corporation's International Company achieved the successful 500kV backfeeding of Unit 1 in the Jamshoro 2x660MV Power Station project.


The Jamshoro project is situated in the town of Jamshoro, 30 kilometers from Hyderabad in the Sindh province of Pakistan. It boasts a total installed capacity of 1320MW, comprising two 660MW ultra-supercritical units. The project's scope includes the supply of main and auxiliary equipment, design, civil construction, installation, commissioning, trial operation, testing, training, and operational maintenance. The successful 500kV backfeeding of Unit 1 in the Jamshoro project marks the initiation of the critical commissioning phase, providing robust support for the subsequent units to achieve successful grid connection and power generation.