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Successful Completion of Unit #3 Boiler Acid Pickling at Dubai Hassyan Project

Date:2022-02-21 616Font scaling:


At 14:30 on February 17th (Dubai local time), the boiler acid pickling of Unit #3 of the Dubai Hassyan Project contracted by HEI was successfully completed, laying a solid foundation for its subsequent ignition and steam blowing.

In order to ensure the successful completion of the acid pickling of Unit #3, the Hassyan Project Department actively carried out meticulous organization and planning, coordinated with the owner, installation contractor and acid pickling contractor to jointly formulate acid pickling plans and process control measures, and provided sufficient technical support for the acid pickling work through comprehensive technical clarification.

At present, Unit #3 of the Hassyan Project is in the final stages before its first ignition, and the commissioning of each system has been fully undertaken; while the civil construction and equipment installation of Unit #4 are being vigorously carried out, and the construction of each unit and system is advancing in an orderly manner.