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HRSG Hydrostatic Test of Unit #4 of the Dubai Hassyan Project Completed Successfully for the First Time

Date:2022-07-18 157Font scaling:

At 19:10 on July 15, local Dubai time, the HRSG hydrostatic test of Unit #4 of the HEI contracted Hassyan Power Plant Project was completed for the first time. The event marked the completion of the installation of the HRSG proper of Unit #4, after which the insulation works will be carried out in full swing.


Unit #4 of the Hassyan Power Plant Project is presently at the peak of construction and will be followed by backfeeding, acid pickling and other major future milestones. The Hassyan Power Plant project team at HEI will continue to properly carry out project implementation and epidemic prevention and control in a concerted manner to enthusiastically complete the project.