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Steam Turbine Unit #1 of the BQPS-III Project Warmed Up Successfully for Combined Cycle Power Generation

Date:2022-05-27 162Font scaling:


On May 26, local Pakistan time, steam turbine unit #1 of the HEI contracted 900MW Combined Cycle BQPS-III Project was warmed up successfully with an engaged SSS clutch. Unit #1 was also connected to the grid for combined cycle power generation. The unit is currently working stably with normal parameters. The combined cycle power generation of Unit #1 has been another major milestone since gas turbine unit #1 was connected to the grid on March 18, 2022, marking a solid step towards the provisional handover of Unit #1.

Next, the BQPS-III project team of HEI will continue to maintain high work enthusiasm, steadily push forward the project, and strive to achieve the successful handover of Unit #1 as soon as possible!