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The World's First Mega-kilowatt Unit Developed by HE Has Operated Stably for the First 100 Days

Date:2021-10-06 386Font scaling:

On October 4, unit #14 of the Baihetan Hydropower Project, the world’s first mega-kilowatt unit developed by HE, passed its 100th day of stable operation, with various data and indicators better than those of the Baihetan high-quality units.

The first 100-day stable operation means that generator units newly put into operation ran stably for 100 consecutive days and successfully passed the inspection and assessment of manufacturing performance and installation quality. Since it was put into operation, unit #14 has generated approximately 2.191 billion kWh of electricity, saving 876,000 tons of standard coal and reducing CO2 emissions by 2.184 million tons.