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Final Acceptance Certificate Signed for Ecuador 3X90MW Minas-San Francisco Hydroelectric Project Contracted by HEI

Date:2021-04-09 298Font scaling:


On April 8, Ecuador local time, HEI and CELEC SUR, the Owner of Minas-San Francisco Hydroelectric Project, officially signed the final acceptance certificate (FAC) for the 3X90MW Minas-San Francisco Hydroelectric Project in Ecuador, which marks the completion of the overall handover of the Project. The Minas-San Francisco Hydroelectric Project in Ecuador is the first EPC hydropower project of HEI in developing the South American power market. The scope of the project contract mainly includes the civil construction of the power plant and the construction of the transmission and transformation lines, the design, manufacturing, supply, installation, and commissioning of M&E equipment, as well as a 18 month warranty period. It is a demonstration project, witnessing HEI's transformation from a supplier to a manufacturer. The main generator equipment of the project, including water turbine generators, excitation systems, etc., are all designed, manufactured and supplied by HEI, while other auxiliary equipment and systems are manufactured and supplied by Chinese manufacturers.