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Civil Works of the Third Largest Hydropower Station in Ecuador Contracted by HE Successfully Handed Over

Date:2020-06-04 199Font scaling:


On June 2, Ecuador local time, HE, along with CELEC SUR, the Employer of the Minas-San Francisco Hydroelectric Project, HIDROJUBONES, the Supervisor, and the Project’s civil works handover and acceptance committee officially signed the final handover minutes for the civil works of the Minas-San Francisco 3×90MW Hydroelectric Project in Ecuador. The handover marked the successful completion of work within the warranty period of the civil works of the Project and its final handover to the Employer. Among the numerous large hydropower projects contracted by Chinese enterprises in Ecuador, the Minas-San Francisco Hydroelectric Project is the first and only hydropower station that has successfully realized final handover of civil works to date.

As the third largest hydropower station in Ecuador contracted by a Chinese enterprise, the Minas-San Francisco Hydroelectric Project is regarded as one of the most important water conservancy projects of the Pacific drainage system in Ecuador. It will improve and optimize the electric energy structure of Ecuador, provide more clean energy and promote local economic development. The Project is developed on the EPC basis and it is equipped with three 90MW impulse turbine generator units with a maximum annual power generation capacity of up to 1.29 TWh. All the main equipment of the Project, including the turbine generators, exciters and governors, are designed, manufactured and supplied by HE with other auxiliary system equipment supplied by Chinese manufacturers.

With the Minas-San Francisco Hydroelectric Project, HE not only accumulated rich experience in the field of overseas large hydropower EPC projects, but also shone a spotlight on the Belt and Road, and helped to provide efficient, clean energy for the people in Ecuador.