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The Expansion Project of the Mongolian Third Largest Power Plant Contracted by HE Has Been Completed and Won a Mongolian National Excellent Quality Project Prize

Date:Jan 26, 2018 792Font scaling:

On January 22, 2018, local time in Mongolia, a ceremony was held to celebrate the completion of the 4X12MW Steam Turbine Generator Unit Expansion Project for the captive power plant of the Mongolian Erdenet Copper Mine contracted, HE handed a key symbolizing the perfect completion of the EPC project over to the owner — the Mongolian Erdenet Copper Mine Group, the owner, i.e. the Mongolian Erdenet Copper Mine Group, issued its acceptance certificate of the completed the Mongolian Erdenet Project to HE and issued HE the 2017 Mongolian National Excellent Quality Project Prize Certificate won by the Mongolian Erdenet Project.


The Mongolian Erdenet Project is the symbolic project that HE contracted to actively respond to the "Belt and Road" Initiative and jointly build the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor. The “designed-in-China, made-in-China and built-by-China” model has been completely applied to the design, procurement, civil construction, installation, commissioning, etc. of the project. The successful completion of the project has made the Erdenet Power Plant become the third largest power plant in Mongolia.


It has been learnt that the construction of the project was officially started on May 18, 2016, and the two newly-built 12MW double-extraction condensing turbine units, the two newly-built 12MW condensing turbine units and the ancillary facility worked in cooperation with the existing boiler equipment to generate electric power and provide heat. On August 24, 2017, all the civil construction, installation and system commissioning work of the project had been completed. The four units of the project was successively synchronized in their first synchronization attempts on October 26 and October 28, 2017. Relying on its strong technical strength and strict construction management, HE has achieved the safe, high-quality and efficient operation of the project and won the 2017 Mongolian National Excellent Quality Project Prize issued by the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.