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Xinhua: UAE Celebrates Xi Jinping's State Visit

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Xinhua  July 20 , 2018

As Chinese President Xi Jinping lands in Abu Dhabi for a state visit, come with Xinhua's Chen Zhi across the deserts to meet the people in the UAE!

    My name is Chen Zhi. I follow President Xi Jinping on his overseas trips across the world. We have arrived in Abu Dhabi, capital of the UAE. Come with me across the deserts to meet some of the people involved in bringing China and the UAE closer together.

    This is the first visit by a Chinese head of state to the UAE in 29 years.The nation is well prepared. We have seen Chinese cultural elements everywhere — flags, movies, art, and the Arabic translation of the world-famous book –Xi Jinping: the Governance of China.

    "The fact that his people love him gives us an idea of how down-to-earth he is, how much he knows what his people want." -- Captain Wejdan Ali Almutairi, an official with Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters

    "I really want to know more about this book… The roads built and the whole strategy and how the president thinks about how to enhance the business relations between China and overseas countries." -- Amna Al Mazrouei, manager with Bank of China Abu Dhabi Branch

    “We are actually looking into details about buying volumes of the book now so that we can hand it out to the employees.” --Captain Wejdan Ali Almutairi, an official with Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters

    It’s not just officials who are interested in collaborating; two artists from the UAE and China have come together to explore what closer relations between the two nations mean to them.

    "A creative artist must first learn about a country’s history and art, before he can express his love, for example, for China, with a Chinese symbol." -- Mohammed Mandi, calligrapher in Abu Dhabi

    His Chinese collaborator has seen the closeness for himself, as the two countries now have mutual visa exemptions.

    "Now you go everywhere, you will see many Chinese tourists, and also my Arabic friends start saying that they are going to China. Anytime I want to go to the UAE, just buy the ticket and go, like one country." -- Li Yonggang, Chinese artist in Abu Dhabi

    From the porcelain and pearl trade to the Ming Dynasty ocean explorations,Arab countries and China share centuries of history. President Xi’s Belt and Road Initiative now continues that connection, and projects like the first clean coal power station in the region are clear evidence of rapid progress.

    As the UAE explores the benefits of greener development, this project, when it is finished in 2023, will provide 20 percent of Dubai’s energy mix.

    “I am proud of being a Chinese who works in the UAE to help them build a better tomorrow.” -- Li Xiangyu, engineer with Hassyan clean coal project in Dubai

    From history and culture, to trade and finance, along with the revival of the ancient Silk Road, Xi’s visit is all about bringing these natural partners closer together.

    Producer: Li Zhongfa, Wei Jianhua

    Coordinator: Su Xiaopo

    Director: Miao Xiaojuan

    Correspondent: Chen Zhi, Miao Xiaojuan, Zheng Kaijun, Bi Xiaoyang

    Editor: Li Guangzheng, Xu Yalan

    Consultant: Roisin Timmins, Helen Bentley