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Reconstruction Project of Xiaowan Dam Hydropower Station by HE Achieved Fully Completion

Date:2018-06-06 2597Font scaling:

At 21:10 of May 13, the whole stators of No.6 unit in Xiaowan dam hydropower station successfully passed voltage-endurance tests at the first attempt, with all test data satisfactory and the objective of "better and better" achieved. Then, the stator reconstruction of Xiaowan dam hydropower station was successfully completed. 

Six Francis units with the single capacity of 700MW are installed in Xiaowan dam hydropower station, among which 4 units (i.e. No.1, No.3, No. 5 and No.6 units) were reconstructed by HEC. This reconstruction project was HEC's first time to complete the assembly of 0.7 million kW units' stators independently. The reconstruction project of Xiaowan dam hydropower station took 4 years. More than 200 persons have been dispatched to the hydropower station for performing tasks since the project commenced in October 2014. In order to meet the demand of the hydropower station's power generation, the reconstruction cycle was shortened for many times, from 120 days for No.3 unit to 100 days for No.6 unit. However, the reconstruction team completed the dismounting and reassembling of four 0.7 million kW generators' stators with high standards and strict requirements and gained the praise from the owner.