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Lifting and Installation of Large Parts of Dubai Hassyan Project’s Unit #3 Successfully Completed

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    At 10:20AM on February 19, Dubai local time, the generator stator and main transformer of Dubai Hassyan 4×600MW Clean Coal-fired Power Plant Project Unit #3 were installed, marking the successful completion of lifting and installation of the unit’s large parts and the formal start of installation of the four major pipes.

The lifting and installation of Dubai Hassyan Project Unit #3 was started on January 29 using 1250t super-large crawler cranes. For a duration of 22 days, 30 sets of heavy equipment including a deaerator, high-pressure heater, stator and condenser were lifted and installed with a total equipment weight of up to 2,560t. On the morning of February 19, the stator and main transformer were installed, marking successful completion of the lifting and installation of large parts of Dubai Hassyan Project Unit #3 and the entry of Unit #3 into the peak stage of equipment installation.