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Hoisting of Boiler #4 Steel Structures for the Dubai Hassyan Project Started

Date:2021-01-04 340Font scaling:

On January 1, 2021, at 9:19 a.m. Dubai local time, the first steel structure of boiler #4 for the Dubai Hassyan 4×600MW Clean Coal-fired Power Plant Project contracted by HEI was successfully hoisted into place, marking the start of the installation of boiler #4 for the project.


Since the successful connection of unit #1 of the Dubai Hassyan Project to the grid on May 18, 2020, HEI’s Hassyan project team has overcome the severe situation caused by the overseas epidemic to fully press ahead with the construction and installation of the other three units. As the first major milestone of 2021, HEI’s Hassyan project team has actively organized and carefully planned the construction of the project, and successfully completed the hoisting of the first steel structure of boiler #4 after unremitting efforts.