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Two-stage Coal Unloading Performance Test of the Dubai Hassyan Project’s Coal Handling System Successfully Completed

Date:2020-07-21 149Font scaling:


At 4:34 am on July 20, Dubai local time, the two-stage coal unloading performance test of the coal handling system of the Dubai Hassyan 4×600MW Clean Coal-fired Power Plant Project contracted by HEI was successfully completed, unloading a total of 250,000 tons of coal.

The coal unloading performance test consists of two stages. The first stage was successfully completed at 0:58 a.m. on May 28, Dubai local time, with a total 161,975 tons unloaded within seven days around the clock. The second stage started at 15:00 on July 16, Dubai local time, with a total of 88,310 tons unloaded within three days around the clock.