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HE’s Haasyan Project: Second Shipment of Coal Successfully Unloaded

Date:2020-04-20 246Font scaling:

At 23:00 on April 17, Dubai local time, unloading of the second shipment of coal for the Haasyan Project was successfully completed, with all the coal transferred to Dry Coal Shed 1, laying a solid foundation for subsequent Unit 1 electricity generation.

The second shipment has a total weight of 170,000 tons, twice that of the first. The project team always integrates environmental protection into construction; in order to ensure the highest levels of environmental protection and to reduce dust pollution during coal unloading, the project team strictly complies with local environmental protection laws and regulations. The project team strictly controls the operation of each link, and uses various devices including cloth bag cleaners, vacuum cleaners and dry fog dust suppressors to efficiently remove dust from the coal trestle. In the coal unloading terminal, the dry coal shed also has a fully enclosed structure, with spray to reduce dust. Through an appropriate ventilation system and dust suppression devices, dust suppression is ensured throughout the coal laying process, from the conveyor belt to the dry coal shed, so as to meet the environmental protection requirements of Dubai.