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The Dam Impoundment Ceremony Held of the Ecuadorian 3rd Largest Hydropower Plant Contracted by HE Held

Date:Jan 22, 2018 611Font scaling:

On January 12, 2017, local time in Ecuador, the Ecuadorian government held the dam impoundment ceremony of the Ecuadorian third largest hydropower plant — The Ecuadorian Minas Hydropower Plant Project. The project was contracted by HE and all its power generation equipment would be provided by HE. The Ecuadorian government fully affirmed the China-Ecuador cooperation and thanked HE for its contribution to the Ecuadorian electric power development.


The dam impoundment is a key point of the Ecuadorian Minas Hydropower Plant Project. The Ecuadorian government has paid high attention the project and the local media have paid close attention to it since its dam impoundment began on December 3, 2017, local time in Ecuador. At present, the dam impoundment of the Ecuadorian Minas Hydropower Plant Project is in steady progress, and HE will follow up the construction progress in strict accordance with the construction plan and move towards the discharge target of the units roundly, so as to successfully complete the project as early as possible.