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Excellent Overseas Operation of "HE-made” Units Achieve Good Results

Date:Jan 16, 2018 656Font scaling:

Recently, the two units of the Turkish Zetas 2×660MW Super-critical Coal-fired Thermal Power Project Phase III generally contracted and supplied with the three main machines by HE — an excellent power plant project responding to the “Belt and Road Initiative" — worked well and achieved good results. The total generated power amount produced by the two units in 2017 was 9.512957 billion kWh. The power supply in 2017 was 8.9908938 billion kWh. The two units had operated for 354 days and 344 days respectively, with the maximum continuous operation period of 161 days and 142 days respectively. The operation data of the two units were all higher than those of the units of the same type in Turkey and the high quality and efficiency of "HE-made” units were proved.


The Turkish Zetas Coal-fired Thermal Power Project Phase III is the first project in Turkey signed by HEI, a subsidiary of HE, on January 23, 2013. The project has adopted the 660MW super-critical thermal power units manufactured by HE, with the wet flue gas desulphurization devices and the SCR denitration devices built at the same time. Besides, electric bag filters were employed, while the condenser adopted the open cycle cooling mode by using the seawater directly. 

The construction of the project was officially started in October 2014. 

The TOC certificates for the two units were received in September 2016, and the completion certificate was obtained two months and a half ahead of schedule. This project has been recorded as the 2x600MW-level unit EPC project in Turkey with excellent quality completed in the shortest construction period.

During the warranty period of the project Phase III, the Commissioning and Operation Center of HEI was responsible for the operation and maintenance of 660MW units for the first time. Throughout this period, HEI implements streamlined and standardized management, actively explores, carries out the equipment point inspection and conducts preventive maintenance and repair to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment. So far, the Turkey Zetas Coal-fired Thermal Power Project Phase III has created greater economic benefits for the owner and won high praise from the Owner.