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HE's EPC Project Won Award for Turkey's Best Thermal Power Project

Date:May 15, 2018 1223Font scaling:

On May 2, at the 24th International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference held in Istanbul, Turkey, Eren ZETES phase-3 2×660MW supercritical thermal power project in Turkey, an excellent power station project for "Belt and Road" initiative, for which HE provided major generators and undertook the construction, won the Award for Turkey's Best Thermal Power Project. HEI was the first Chinese company that won the Award for the Best Thermal Power EPC Contractor of Turkey for 7 consecutive years in this fair and conference. The vice president of Turkey Energy Ministry and the president of Turkey Energy Market Administration Ministry witnessed the awarding and awarded the winner.

Turkey International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference is the largest professional, grand meeting of Turkey’s power energy industry. For the 24th fair and conference, groups designated by 225 enterprises from totally 26 countries, including ABB, GE, Siemens, Foster Wheeler and other famous international companies and 25 Chinese enterprises, attended. At the fair and conference, awards of solar power stations, wind farms, hydropower stations, thermal stations, gas-fired power stations and many other fields were given.

Turkey ZETES phase-3 Project, contracted by HEI on January 23, 2013, was the first symbolic project for entering Turkey thermal market. It is also the first large-scale project undertaken by the Chinese EPC enterprises of power stations in European markets during the implementation of China's "Belt and Road" initiative. For this project, the 660MW supercritical thermal generating units manufactured by HE were adopted; wet flue gas desulphurization (WFGD) devices and SCR denitration devices were synchronously constructed; electrostatic-bag dust removers were adopted for dust removal; open-circuit cooling method was adopted to directly cool condensers with seawater. The project formally commenced in October 2014. In June 2016, the grid-connected power generation of the first unit was achieved. On July 20, 2016, "72+168" full-load trial operations were conducted, and on August 27 of the same year, the units were put into commercial operations. In September 2016, the TOC certificates of the two units were received, and the completion certificate was received two months earlier than the expected date. Accordingly, this construction cycle created the good records of the shortest duration among these of the EPC projects for two 600MW-class units in Turkey, excellent quality, highest power station efficiency and optimal emission. HEI was the first Chinese contractor that gained extra awards from the owner in Turkey.

In 2017, for Turkey ZETES phase-3 project, its two units had a total electric output of 9.512957 billion kWh and a total power supply of 8.9908938 billion kWh. The accumulative operation time of the two units were 354 days and 344 days respectively, and the longest continuous operation time were 161 days and 142 days respectively, with all operational data better than the similar units in Turkey. Eren in Turkey sent a letter of appreciation to HEI to give a high praise to HEI's technical capability and service quality and honor HEI as the preferred Chinese contractor and the best partner for Turkey's energy development projects.